Hi we are Adi and Aida. 

Both of us decided to go against the grain and break away from the corporate world. It wasn't easy transition but we made the most of it. We did everything - from building custom furnitures to creating our own handmade products.

Fast forward to 2019 - We established Malaysia's First Women's Woodworking Workshop.

Now, we want to share our skills and experiences from the last 6 years with you, so you can have a go at woodworking too! Who knows, you might end up making it a career someday, or at least an interesting side hustle ;p



I'm Adi. I am a self-taught Designer+Maker and an all-round 'know-it-all' 🧐

After a decade of desk jobs - IT, Oil & Gas and Advertising, I threw in the towel. Little did I know that I would stumble upon woodworking, but not without a significant stop before - and what an adventure it was. With EPIC Homes (a Social Enterprise that builds homes for the Orang Asli community), I started out as a volunteer builder, and quickly progressed to becoming a Master Builder. During the two and a half years with them, I was involved in so many memorable builds (20+ homes I think), with my last being the Project House Relief Prototype for the Kelantan flood of 2015.

When I'm not being my usually chatty self during our workshops, you'll find me going round looking for a good cup of coffee and most probably a slice of cake or any other form of dessert to satisfy my sweet tooth. I do love sports, namely badminton, so hit me up should you need an extra 'kaki'!

Come and build with me! It'll be fun, I promise!!


Hi 🤗

I'm Aida Ihsani, the other half of ADIAIDA.

Never would I have imagined being a woodworker growing up! I thought I wanted to be a lawyer but after graduating with a law degree, I couldn't continue to do my Bar due to financial difficulties. Blessing in disguise, I got to travel around SEA for work right after graduating.

When I'm not covered in sawdust glitter, I enjoy practising yoga on my own for my physical and mental health or tending to my balcony garden. Oh let's not forget spending time with my adopted furbabies Snap and Ara.

I can't wait to build with you and get to know a little bit about you!